We invest in, mentor and partner with technology innovators accelerating the energy transition
the Energy Revolution
We are active investors in seed and series A opportunities across the electrochemical value chain.
ERV is both a strategic investor and an ecosystem connecting startups with supply chain partners, specialists and businesses across the electrochemical value chain.
Prosemino, an ERV-sponsored venture-builder programme, provides start-ups with access to hard-tech savvy capital, world-leading laboratories, facilities, technical expertise, and mentorship.
Why electrochemistry?
Globally, we need to shift away from using fossil fuels in order to limit climate heating to 2 degrees Celsius.
Fundamentally, this requires a new approach to how we store, and utilize energy.
Electrochemistry sits at the intersection of the key decarbonisation technologies highlighted by the International Energy Agency (IEA).
Our Portfolio
Established in 2019, Singaporean Divigas have developed a novel hydrogen separation and purification technology that affordably recycles waste hydrogen from industrial processes and captures the CO2. Based on a proprietary polymer formulation that is robust and economically scalable at low risk with use cases across green, blue and grey hydrogen their product can serve both existing and emerging hydrogen markets. ERV were co-lead Seed investors with Mann + Hummel ($4.5Bn revenue German company). Hayden Sommer sits on the advisory board.
Established in 2021, Oort is a technology start-up developing a low cost, efficient electrolyser enabling green hydrogen to be cost competitive with fossil fuel hydrogen. Key innovations, developed by the founders over 12+ years of industrial electrolyser research, offers customers the lowest total cost of ownership system at scale. The company have completed R&D, have a multi-kW demonstrator and will perform piloting of their first 100 kg/day minimum viable product in 2022. ERV were the lead pre-seed investors and Marcus Clover sits on the Advisory Board.
Established in 2020, Singaporean Green Li-ion has developed a sustainable Lithium ion battery recycling technology which can process a wide range of batteries. The company’s proprietary process allows recovery of cathode metal salts which can be used as a precursor. ERV led the Series A round and Adonis Pouroulis sits on the advisory board.
Established in 2015, Ecolectro is a developer of novel polymers designed for the energy industry. The company's alkaline exchange materials (AEM) reduce the capital costs of hydrogen technologies while potentially increasing its lifetimes, thereby enabling businesses to have access to renewable hydrogen that is cost-competitive with fossil-fuel sources.
Established in 2020, Viritech is developing hydrogen powertrain solutions for the Automotive, Aerospace, Marine and Distributed Power industries. The company's integrated hydrogen powertrains technology harnesses the strengths of fuel cells, advanced energy storage and revolutionary vehicle control systems, enabling automotive companies to adopt green hydrogen energy.
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Established in 2019, Anthro Energy is a developer of flexible battery technology designed to improve wearable electronic devices. The company transforms the conventional lithium-ion battery with its patented polymer electrolyte technology, giving rise to a polymeric supramolecular lithium-ion conductor. The technology offers significant improvement in battery flexibility, safety, performance, and customizability. ERV co-led the seed investment round with Union Square Ventures.
Located in the USA, Quino Energy (founded in 2021), is a developer of a water-based flow battery that stores electrical energy in organic molecules called quinones, for commercial and grid applications. The technology provide a unique combination of low capital cost, true fire safety, rapid scalability, and local manufacturability.