We are Energy Revolution Ventures

We invest in Hydrogen, Energy Storage, Carbon Capture, and Advanced Materials

Energy Revolution Ventures is a differentiated early stage global venture capital firm investing in companies making energy sustainable by harnessing electrochemistry. We seek to grow companies from inception to exit. Our approach incorporates Prosemino, the UK’s first electrochemistry venture builder led by 3 world renowned professors.

About us

We are business builders, engineers
and investors

We founded Energy Revolution Ventures following a successful history of angel investing in emerging energy technologies.

Leveraging our deep technical knowledge in electrochemistry, engineering, and investment management, we are comfortable with the risk associated with early stage hard-tech companies.


Energy Revolution Ventures utilises its in-house expertise to identify top table investment opportunities and supports the founders with unparalleled clean tech knowledge and networks.

Marcus Clover

Founder & Partner
  • 5 years’ start-up experience building hydrogen technologies across aerospace and automotive sectors in lean teams
  • Fuel cell systems lead at Arrival, previously at Stratospheric Platforms developing a fuel cell system for a high altitude aircraft
  • Deep systems thinker, systems engineer and energy technologist. He is a chartered engineer (CEng) with the IET

Hayden Sommer

Founder & Partner
  • 20 years’ experience in transaction, commercial & legal advisory for energy, mining & engineering sectors
  • Specialist in multi-jurisdictional transactions and capital raising
  • Experienced in mentoring and supporting start-up businesses

Grant Gischen

Founder & Partner
  • 8+ years top-tier strategic consulting, private equity, M&A, corporate finance & business development experience
  • Expertise in investment analysis, group strategy, funding, capital raising, corporatisation and investor relations with particular focus across mining, technology & financial services sectors
  • Wide range of experience working with both startups and mature businesses globally

Peter Robson

Managing Director, Fund Management Division
  • 35+ years global investor experience
  • Chief Executive of Tree Top Asset Management Ltd, Director of Bury Street Capital and Partner of TT International
  • Deep expertise within developed and developing economies, technology and emerging new business models. Holds a Engineering Science degree from Oxford University

James Beams

  • 30+ years leadership, finance and board level experience in mining, energy and financial services sectors
  • Experienced in new business development, capital raising and M&A
  • Focus on investment decision-making and building teams and businesses

Carolyn Kim

Group Financial Controller
  • 7+ years of experience in business advisory and commercial accounting in VC, portfolio investment, construction and retail
  • Expertise in budgeting and forecasting, financial and management accounting and delivering tax and business support
  • Experienced in driving systems implementation and overseeing outsourced finance functions to ensure smooth business operations

Philippos Pouroullis

  • 5+ years of experience in enhancing organisational and individual performance through the application of behavioural science principles
  • Leads strategic partnerships, deal sourcing and pipeline development
  • Former Head of Operations at an early-stage deep tech startup, specialising in operational management, fundraising, team management, and critical strategic decision-making

Harry Michael, PhD

  • 5+ years’ experience developing energy storage systems
  • Deep expertise in analysing battery technologies
  • Track record of sourcing high-quality investment opportunities and managing projects that assess the design and feasibility of early-stage technologies to advise investment decisions
  • Holds a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Chemical Engineering from UCL

Delom Mesfun

Assistant Accountant
  • 7+ years experience in Accounting & Finance.
  • Previously worked across different industries including non profit in varied Finance related roles.

Zuzanna Kosobudzka

Investment Team
  • Exited deep-tech founder
  • 2+ years hardware R&D experience
  • MIT’s top 10 Youth Innovator of 2023

Jeremy Ip

Venture Partner
  • 20+ years global investor experience
  • Managing Director & Head of Sustainable Investing at Mount Logan Capital Ltd, Chief Executive Officer at Newfound International
  • Past roles in investment banking at Goldman Sachs and Vice President at JPMorgan Chase Bank

Dr. Mark Selby

Venture Partner
  • Over 20 years of experience in clean energy technology and innovation.
  • Chief Growth Officer at Ceres Power, leading the commercialisation of advanced energy technology solutions.
  • Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering and MacRobert Award winner for engineering innovation.
  • Venture Partner at ERV, blending technical expertise, strategic vision, and business leadership to commercialise breakthrough technologies.

Prof. Dan Brett

Founder & Director
  • 20 years’ experience in electrochemical power systems
  • Raised over £45million of research income to the EIL
  • Top 3 academic in Europe based on number of publications over last 10 years in the combined areas of fuel cells, batteries and supercapacitors
  • Founder & Director of Innovation for Bramble Energy and an academic founder and Expert Panel member
    of the Faraday Institution

Prof. Paul Shearing

Founder & Director
  • Professor in Chemical Engineering at UCL where he holds Royal Academy of Engineering Chair in Emerging Battery Technologies
  • Co-directs UCL’s EIL & leads the UK STFC Global Challenge Network in Batteries & Electrochemical Devices
  • Founding investigator of UK’s Faraday Institution
  • Has raised over £40M in research strategy

Prof. Chris Howard

Founder & Director
  • Professor of Materials Physics at UCL in the Department of Physics & Astronomy
  • Specializes in creation & optimization of next generation materials for energy applications & has invented & patented numerous processes that can scale to industrial level
  • Co-Director of the Centre for Doctoral Training in the Advanced Characterisation of Materials

Gyen Ming Angel

General Manager
  • 7+ years research career developing nanomaterials for electrochemical energy applications 
  • Expertise in hydrogen electrolysis and fuel cells
  • Varied experience supporting startups across a range of activities, including feasibility studies, lab-based research and product development
  • Holds a Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) in Chemical Engineering from UCL


Fahmiha Khan

Innovation Specialist
  • 7+ years’ experience working with electrochemical corrosion
  • Material science expert
  • Experiences in working with fintech and analytics

Waqas Malik

Innovation Scientist
  • 5+ years’ experience working with sustainable catalysts
  • Material science expert
  • Experienced in supercapacitor analysis
Our purpose

Investing in deep science technologies that reduce
emissions and drive investor returns

50% of emission savings by 2050
will come from emerging technologies

We are currently experiencing the 4th industrial revolution and a significant shift from oil and gas to modern renewables. Both governments and private industries have set ambitious 2050 net-zero goals to achieve a more sustainable future with reduced carbon emissions. The importance of taking action cannot be overstated, as the challenges ahead are formidable.

70 %

Global emissions come from energy production

$ 1.5Trillion

2050 annual market for electrochemical technologies

ERV Ecosystem

The Energy Revolution Ventures Ecosystem

Our team and shareholders have been individually investing and founding early-stage technology companies across the electrochemical value chain since 2016.