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Shaping the Future of Energy Storage with Revolutionary Battery Technology

The world is going electric. As the world shifts towards electrification of end-uses such as vehicles, heating, and storage to support intermittent renewables, the need for efficient and reliable energy storage solutions has become increasingly pressing.

Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries have played a crucial role in these efforts, as they have the ability to store and release large amounts of energy. However, current Li-ion batteries are not designed to be as versatile and ubiquitous as required. They are bulky, rigid, and difficult to integrate into electronics of all sizes. Additionally, they present serious safety hazards including fires and chemical leakage.

This is where Anthro Energy comes in. The company has developed a novel polymer technology to enable safe, flexible batteries. These batteries are designed to withstand severe mechanical deformation and are non-flammable, making them suitable for a wide range of applications, including wearable electronics. They can be bent, flexed, punctured and abused without compromising their safety. The technology is compatible with existing Li-ion chemistries which reduces R&D and technical risk and can be a drop-in to existing Li-ion battery supply chains. This means it can utilize existing battery production facilities and scale faster with reduced execution risk. As a result, this eliminates the scale-limiting factor that many new battery technologies face.

Anthro Energy is initially targeting the wearable electronics market, offering innovative flexible batteries that seamlessly integrate with the straps, bands and substrates of wearables, medical devices, and AR/VR devices. However, as investors, our enthusiasm is particularly sparked by the potential for Anthro’s technology in other applications beyond wearables. The company’s cutting-edge batteries offer new possibilities for the integration of batteries into vehicles, resulting in improved safety and increased range. Furthermore, Anthro’s batteries can be shaped to fit into previously inaccessible spaces, such as the wing of a drone or the chassis of an electric vehicle thereby addressing fire risk concerns and increasing the amount of batteries that can be housed in tight spaces.

The Anthro team, headed by David Mackanic and Joe Papp, is spearheading a visionary initiative to redefine the future of energy storage and electric design. The company has secured funding from some of the leading investors in the climate and battery sectors, including Union Square Ventures and Voyager Ventures. We are excited to be supporting Anthro Energy’s growth as they shape the future of energy storage through revolutionary battery technology.