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The Age of Electrochemical Power: Energy Storage, Hydrogen & Carbon Capture

By: Marcus Clover, Grant Gischen and Harry Michael

Addressing climate change is the most important work of our lifetime.

We believe electrochemistry will have the most outsized impact on climate technology in the coming decade and become the hub technology for a sustainable energy system. At Energy Revolution Ventures, we invest in companies leveraging electrochemistry to accelerate this energy transition. Conservative estimates put the global market for electrochemical technologies at $1.5Tn by 2050.

A core premise of our thesis is that electrochemistry allows us to economically store, distribute and use renewable electricity to power society and industry. It is the fundamental technology unpinning hydrogen, carbon capture and energy storage sectors. The exponential growth in these nascent sectors required to meet COP27 goals this decade will require similar growth in the enabling electrochemical technologies. Electrochemistry can also economically decarbonise industry with applications from steel to cement and plastics to chemicals.

Electrochemistry offers potential for outsized returns due to: (1) ubiquity of applications across hydrogen, carbon capture and energy storage, (2) opportunity for applications in adjacent hard-to-decarbonise sectors, (3) electrochemical technologies are primed for scale, (4) increasing volume of research and talent in the field.

In this piece we breakdown our thinking, provide context on why there is a unique opportunity for electrochemistry now and detail the exciting breadth of applications.

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