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Immaterial (founded in 2015), develops revolutionary metal organic frameworks (MOFs), offering the lowest cost capture adsorption solution in the carbon capture industry. MOFs are a customisable porous material that can selectively adsorb and release any target gas in the smallest footprint. Immaterial's proprietary R&D platform slashes the developmental time of MOFs from years to months while simultaneously reducing the costs. Their technology is the future of carbon capture and gas separation & purification, enabling gigatons of CO2 capture globally.

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Oort Energy

Oort Energy (founded in 2021), is a developer of a low cost, high efficiency hydrogen electrolyser system. The technology makes green hydrogen generation economical, and delivers market-leading operational and capital costs, enabling customers to rapidly scale-up production.

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Ecolectro (founded in 2015), is a developer of a low-cost membrane designed for green hydrogen systems. The technology reduces the cost of hydrogen systems while increasing their lifetime, thereby enabling businesses to have access to renewable hydrogen that is cost-competitive with fossil-fuel sources.

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DiviGas (founded in 2019), is a developer of hydrogen separation and purification membranes that affordably recycle waste hydrogen and capture carbon dioxide from industrial processes. The technology is robust and economically scalable with use cases across green, blue and grey hydrogen.

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